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Testing Facilities

A. Mechanical Division

  1. Universal Testing Machine - 600 KN Capacity (Vertical Type)
    Tensile Strength test / Yield Strength / Elongation Percentage / % of Reduction of Area / Proof load test / Wedge load test
  2. Universal Testing Machine - 400 KN Capacity (Horizontal Type)
    Slip Strength test / Tensile strength test on span for length job
  3. Universal Testing Machine - 80 KN Capacity (Vertical Type)
    Tensile strength test (Job for Smaller span)
  4. Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine (150 KGF Capacity) with Standard Hardness checking
    1. Hydraulic Compressor (120 Ton capacity) with different Die sets with different Die Sets
      For Compression of Jointing Sleeves like Mid span Compression Joint, Dead End Clamp for conductor code Moose, Zebra, Panther, Lynx, Wolf, Marlin, Coyote, Dog etc.
    2. Crimping tools with different Die sets
      For Compression of different Lugs / Connectors
  6. Torque Wrench
    1. Normal type ( Range : 5 - 35 Nm )
      For measurement of Torque on Bolts & Nuts for bolted type Clamp
    2. Dial type ( Range : 20 - 200 Nm )
      For measurement of Torque on Bolts & Nuts for bolted type Clamp

B. Electrical Division

  1. Digital Micro Ohm Meter
  2. Conductivity Meter
    For measurement of Electrical resistance / Conductivity for Conductor / Compression Joints / any other compression Jointing Sleeves / Armour Rods etc.
  3. Tongue Tester
    For measurement of Electrical Current ( Amps)
  4. Multi Meter
    Measurement of Voltage / Amps / continuity test on electrical Testing
  5. High Current Testing Unit (2000 Amps capacity)
    Heating Cycle / Temparature Rise test on electrical products ( Clamps / Connectors / Compression Joints )
    1. Temperature Control Unit
      To control / setting of temparature for above test
    2. Ammeter for High Current Testing Unit
      To indicate the current (Amps) applied during the above tests
  6. High Voltage Testing Unit ( 5 KV )
    For breakdown voltage test
    1. Non Contact Thermometer
      For measurement of temparature a. ( Range : - 20to 270 C )
    2. Thermometer
      For measurement of temparature
  8. Magnetic Crack Detector with field indicator
    For detection of surface and sub-surface crack on steel forging, Steel Sleeves, HT Bolts etc.

C. Vibration testing Division

  1. 36 Metres Test Span with necessary accessories
    For Unbalanced Holding Strength test of preformed product/ Vibration test / fatigue test etc.
  2. Mechanical Shaker ( Exciter ) with speed controller
    For Vibration test / fatigue test etc.
  3. Electro Dynamic Shaker ( Exciter )
    For Resonance frequency test / Dynamic Characteristics test
  4. Load cells with load Indicators
    To measure conductor Tension
  5. Even counters
    For recording the number of cycles completed during fatigue test / Vibration test

D. Measuring Instruments


  1. Vernier Calipers
  2. Out Side Micro Meters
  3. Measuring Scales
  4. Measuring Tapes
    For verification of dimensional requirements


  1. Gauges for Ball & Socket Coupling for Disc Insulator string fittings
    For checking profile for Ball & Socket Coupling of Disc Insulator String Hardware fittings
  2. Ring Gauges & Plug Gauges for checking bolts & nuts
    For checking threads of bolts & nuts

F. Elco meter (Digital type)
Zinc coating thickness measurement on Galvanized components

G. Density Hydro Meter
Checking of Specific Gravity of Copper sulphate solution

H. Stop Watch
For duration of time measurement

I. Weighing Scale

  1. ( Digital ) Range : 0 - 300 gms
    Measurement of Weight
  2. 500 gms capacity
    Measurement of Weight
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