Visited KSE's factory and office. Found that metals are manufactured to the standard using state-of-the-art machineries...

~ Global Corp Ent LLC, Oman


  • Pole Line Hardware

    Pole fittings Staying Equipments Structural Steel Cross Arms & Steel Works Fasterners - bolts, nuts & washers
  • Distribution Line Hardware

    Insulators hardware conductor clamps & connectors fittings for ABC - aerial bundled cables - insulated overhead networks
  • Fabricated Steel Structure

    Cross Arms for steel & wooden poles cross arms for transformer & fuse cut outs channels for mounting pole equipments tower parts, straps, ties, support brackets. Substation structures
  • Transimission Line Material

    Strings assemblies vibration damper earth wire accessories insulator hardware conductor accessories for ACSR, AAC, AAAC ground earth wire Conductor Clamps & connectors
  • Helically Shaped Fittings

    guy grips line guards armour rods insulator binding pole top make offs armour grip clamp
  • Lugs & Connectors

    Cable lugs & Connectors Mechanical Screw Connectors Bimetallic lugs & connectors split bolt connectors H type & C Type Compression Connectors Insulation Piercing Connectors
  • Earthing Materials

    Earth rods - copper coated, hot dip galvd Earth clamps Earth strips / conductors Earthing system accessories
  • Transmission and Distribution Products

    Insulators - disc suspension, compositon conductors - AAC, AAAC, ACSR Earth wires & Stay Wires Cable Jointing Kits
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